Unstoppable support for Dr. Zuofa Elvis Egberipou by Bayelsans as Governor of Bayelsa state

Recently, a gubernatorial aspirant who has been doing underground campaign came out openly with full force. Dr. Zuofa Elvis Egberipou who hails from kaiama who has been doing his mathematics as to  how he would emerge as the Governor of Bayelsa state said that he is going to win the Governorship election which is scheduled to hold later   this year that he is the right candidate and that the people of Bayelsa are ready to support him. Dr. Zuofa  Elvis Egberipou who is coming as Governor under the Youth Party(yp) platform said that, with this party he will win the Governorship election

The Youth Party which is one of the parties that all the youths in Bayelsa state have decided to embrace because they said that they are tired of old recycled and never fulfilling politicians. So they are going to support Dr. Zuofa even if it takes the last drop of their blood to win the Bayelsa state governorship election.

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