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The Born Rapper By Rpg is a rap song meant for all Hip Hop Lovers... In this song the Rapper did not only said he was born to rap as the title of the song tells but he poured out his heart through his delivery,punchlines,wordplay e.t.c on so many things in life...
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Intro:Everyone in life is alive for a purpose
Have realized I was born to compose and perform Rap music so call me the born rapper

Rpg on this one

Verse one
They keep throwing dirty talks on me like I'm a waste bin
Have got big dreams I ain't no waste being
The apple of His eyes he blessed me with talent
Making money out of it that's my main target
You think I wasn't born for this purpose drag on
I spit out fire from my mouth just like a dragon 
Never can I be the best but better than good
Life is short use my height as an example 
Help my brand be apart of my success story
I'm already a star I give Him all the glory 
I don't wanna be the one they will refer to as empty hand
But trend everywhere you go just like MTN
Believe in education but never joke with talent
They are like parts of the body no one is less important 
I was born to rap I love rapping with passion 
Would have made it my wife if only it was human
Life is a jungle and I'm brave like a lion
Chasing money till I eat it you doubt lie on
May 14th a king was born I gat the throne on me
My genesis I ain't near deautronomy
My age young yet mind older than the universe 
Posses with a rapping spirit what I need is deliverance

I'm a gold in life I'm expected to shine(expected to shine)

Is Rpg on this one 
The Born Rapper
Is Rpg on this one
The Born Rapper

Verse two
Life is a mirror we all have to face it
Music choose me I never forced it
Not into military believe I'm a force man
True definition of rap that ain't false man
I gat the nature of a magnet I know you're tripping 
Life ain't fair folks apply bleaching 
Right from age thirteen lyrics have been penning
Believing they gon be my source for being wealthy 
Money minded to the level my lover complaining
You're not being as sweet like my ex gift I'm really sorry
I ain't no toy never play with my emotions
On a race where success will be the finish line
Only gat respect for rappers who punch punchlines
They're not really talented when they start buying songs
Very soon my voice will be heard like the speakers
Celebrated in this world just like merry Christmas 
Life is a bitch we gat to fuck her harder
The more they weigh me down the more I get better
I don't care about the economy the hustle must pay
Make a move to greatness in life everyday
To be connected you need to find service 
Paper in my mind Corleone you're hearted
I love music is a way of expressing my feelings 
Gathering all my thoughts and turn them into lyrics

Is Rpg on this one 
The Born Rapper 
Is Rpg on this one
The Born Rapper

 Verse three
Oh lord I need a hit song(please) 
Show your face in my life prove them wrong(please) 
All they keep doing is lay me insults 
Some talk me down damm it really hurts
People always complaining take those earpiece off your ears
I'm in love with music that's why I take it this serious 
Fuck with me I'm gon strike you like Ronaldo
Commander of the flow lyrically commando
Listen to my words they gon make you grow
They claim to be bombs yet they can't even blow
Was born to entertain mankind hope you get? 
Play no risk on me cause I ain't no bet
Use your head or you will end up losing your head
Trap is taking over how true is that? 
I do this so raw I'm smacking this beat down 
Not a campaign but soon I'll be pooping in the town 
Uh The Born Rapper
The Born Rapper
The Born Rapper
Rpg Born Rapper(uhn) 
The Born Rapper
The Born Rapper
The Born Rapper
Rpg Born Rapper
The Born Rapper.... 
Comeon Rpg is The Born Rapper

When I first came I told you all you can't stop me
Now you wanna know who I be
I'm The Born Rapper

Rpg on this one


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