NUBSS NATIONAL PRESS RELEASE: From The National Secretariat.

From The National Secretariat.

After a critical deliberation on the affairs of the Union by the three (3) arms governing the union, today (04/03/2019) in a Joint Council Meeting. The leadership of NUBSS worldwide is not pleased with the way things are going on in the students community.

Hence,there is an urgent need for
 drastic actions to be taken for the interest of the entire Bayelsa State Students Community. Furthermore, the following communique were reached at the joint council meeting:

1.  Having seen the miasma sycophant display by the government of the day, it is evident to say that the students loan board is a scam, if not why are they deducting civil servants salaries on monthly basis more than two years, without granting the students our outright right? as such we the student community demands the loan board fund be used as  our bursary payment, this is our fund the government have been collecting or cutting from our parent' salary.

2. The student management committee has failed to look into the welfare of the students rather then their self aggrandizement and personal interest, hence we are calling for restructuring or possible removal of the committee.

3. The Union is equally calling on the Bayelsa State Scholarship Board to give Scholarship to our students most especially the commoners and not to their relatives alone..

4.  The meeting was further adjourned to Wednesday 7th March 2019, time: 3: 30pm @NUBSS National Secretariat. For further cogent deliberations..
Aluta Continua..Victoria Ascerta!!!!

>Comr. Okeren E. Benjamin,
National President.
>Comr. Ezekiel E. Justin
Senate President.
>Comr. Omiela Dumotonyu,
G8 Chairman.
>Comr. Sen. Ben Nabhel Victor (JP).

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