TRUE LIFE STORY!! Why You Should Never Underrate Someone You Meet For The First Time

This happened some years back sha when I visited Abuja on one of my trips. I had missed the town a lot so I decided to go on a relaxation trip.
Wayback in Abuja there was one crystal lounge my friends use to take me to and I loved the place so when I visited I really wanted to go there again but this time I just wanted to have my own private chilling alone so I went alone at night about 12am.
Because of the way the roads are I actually missed my way so I had to stop at a police checkpoint to explain to them how I missed my way to the club. Abuja police are just too correct.
As I was with them their hilux came and I think the two guys in the hilux were doing routine check on all the officers placed in different road blocks so they explained my issue to them omo na so the men on siren tell me to follow them for back.
Me self on double trafficator dey follow them till we reach the place. They just made me feel like a VIP as them clear road for me arrange where I will park and they zoomed off.
See me feeling fly, I entered the club and sat on my own, ordered a bottle of moet and was feeding my eyes with the sweet ladies around. Then a guy came and sat close to me and he was on his own as well.
The guy ordered his own drink and was trying to gist with me.
Though I was responding but for my mind I was like make this guy just free me abeg. Later he started complaining that non of the ladies there made sense and I was like this guy dey mad sha. Wethin I dey see I like but him eye be like say e no good.
All of a sudden the guy made a call and I knew it was to a girl and after a while about four girls came in and they came to huge him. Trust me, my head burst because truly none of the girls inside the club that day reach those girls.
The guy even introduced me as his friend and because we sat close he codedly told me to select anyone I want aside his own that I should worry. The guy started pumping them with drinks, they were dancing with themselves but the guy and I just sat down watching.
At a point I just said this one na setup because if I carry any babe there na like 100k she go bill me and I no go pay babe that kind money just to chop. I told the guy I was going to pee and while I was in the toilet the guy came as well and was like it seems I want to leave and I told him not really.
There in the toilet he just gave me his complementary card and told me I can call him anytime and he went back in. When I looked at the card, I weak finally.
All this while I was sitting with a young colonel of the Nigerian Army from the ministry of defence, Abuja.
When I went back in, my loyalty change immediately.
My Story..

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