The Youth party Gubernatorial candidate expressed his desire to take Bayelsa to a greater heights if he is voted in as the Governor of Bayelsa

As the candidate coming out for the governorship position of Bayelsa State, i believe i have what it takes to change the tide of our situation,to change the current status of  Bayelsa state to make sure as Bayelsans we benefit from the resources God has blessed us with. But it's quite unfortunate that we are predorminatly  an Ijaw state we have cried over the years and we have been marginalised by the major tribes but, God has helped us; we have been created out of old Rivers State we are on our own now and we have a bit of autonomy because we have a governor that is governing us as a people,unfortunately we have not seen that.

Since the civilian goverment came in 1999 we have been having this recycling syndrome of underdevelopment, we have been moving from pillar to post; we have not seen any meaningful development.

As i speak to you, Bayelsa State lacks power supply, Bayelsa State youths are the first in terms of unemployment in Nigeria, there is high rate of kidnapping, high rate of crime because the Government of the day doesn't have the political will to give us the needed development. Every sector in the state has been politicised; as I speak to you, the health sector has been politicised, the education sector has been politicised; until we fight for our right Haaaaa Izon!!Izon Kimi fa mo no Kimi emi gha?Ye pa da ba' wo' mie g' ma??
Ari Kimi Owei Zuofa Egberipou...
Ari Kaiama Owei ...
Oro' tubou Governor pa bo may!
Oro' tari mor aki yor kpr bo mi'''
Bayelsa otu mor or' nua ooooo
Nembe otu mor or nua oooo!!

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